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Devices Used in Treatment

Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

It consists of braces attached to the teeth and wires fixed to them. Tooth-colored "aesthetic braces" are available for adult patients. In addition, "lingual braces" that are attached to the inner surface of the teeth have also been produced.

Fixed Upper Jaw Extender

Fixed maxilla expanders are used in patients with narrow upper jaws and therefore crooked teeth. These devices are kept in the mouth for an average of 6-9 months.

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

They are devices that can be inserted and removed by the patient. They are used for simple tooth movements, jaw stenosis, prevention of bad habits, placeholder, post-fixed treatment for reinforcement treatment.

Extraoral Devices

They are devices that can be inserted and removed by the patient. They can be used to assist the treatment during fixed treatment, or they can be used alone to correct broken jaw relationships.

Functional Orthopedic Devices

They are devices that can be put on and taken off by the patient or used to correct fixed, bad jaw relations. They can be used during fixed therapy or in combination with extraoral devices./p>

Reinforcement Devices

They are fixed or mobile devices used to maintain the final state obtained with active orthodontic treatment.


They are fixed or movable devices prepared to prevent the invasion of the extracted primary tooth by bending or rotating the adjacent teeth until the permanent tooth erupts in cases where the primary tooth is lost prematurely due to various reasons (caries or accident).

OOrthodontic Implants

They are support units that are used inside the mouth instead of using external devices, especially in adult patients.