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Duo Orthodontic Clinic

Duo Orthodontic Clinic has been in particular designed with a view to provide orthodontic treatment (braces) services. The objective is to treat any orthodontic anomalies, including advanced orthodontic cases, with precision. The clinic is equipped with digital imaging systems, digital treatment planning program and orthodontic patient follow-up program. The treatment plans of the patients who will start the treatment are specially prepared in the computer environment and presented thereto by virtue of these equipments.

Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

Orthopedic treatments as well as orthodontic treatments are carried out together for issues in the jawbone, which we call skeletal issues while orthodontic (braces) treatment for adults is performed in. A maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist work in collaboration and can correct a severe anomaly together in such cases.


Yetişkinlerde Ortodontik Tedavi

Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is the name given to the combined procedure in which only orthodontic treatment is not enough for creating a more aesthetic appearance on the face and for which surgery is applied by which the jaws are cut after orthodontic treatment and they are brought to their proper positions in skeletal disorders.


Ortognatik cerrahi

Orthodontics with Invisible Braces (lingual)

Lingual orthodontics is the most aesthetic form of orthodontic treatment conducted by sticking the braces to the back surface of the teeth, thereby making the wires invisible. Internal braces are an ideal treatment, especially in the treatment of adult patients.

Lingual Ortodonti

Contracted Institutions

Our aim in our Duo orthodontic clinic is to furnish the most perfect treatment service to our valued patients. We try to offer you the most appropriate payment plan for each and every valued patient with this in mind.


Anlaşma Metodları

Insignia Duo in Orthodontics (Personalized System)

Insignia is the advanced software which the orthodontist utilizes in order to create a treatment plan tailored for you.